Tête-à-tête With The Kenneth’s-How We Upheld Purity and More!

Hello PriscaTee’s fam, my very own fam! You know, I feel like hyping you a little more because I have missed you, yes you!!

How have you been? Great or excellent? Over here, sadness is never our portion, just happiness, happiness and more happiness all the way. I’ll write you a separate post with all the tea about my absence and a little gift for you, it will be up by Wednesday.

Today, we have a wonderful couple in our studio and I can’t wait for you to meet them. Everything on this blog is quality over quality and today, you’ll meet a more quality couple who have continued to defy all odds and shine as lights in darkness.

Without wasting much time, let’s welcome them with a round of applause.

PriscaTee: Hello, beautiful couple. Thank you for gracing us with your presence at Tête-à-tête with PriscaTee live here in our online studio. It’s such a pleasure having you.

The Couple: Hiiiii Priscatee😊Thank you for having us!

Too much pepper, what a hotness!

PriscaTee: I know my association of “God when” are thrilled by this beauty you possess. If you are, quickly leave a comment below.

Can you introduce yourself to us, sir and ma?

The Couple: We’re Mr and Mrs Kenneth and Ruth Kenneth-Ochoche.

PriscaTee: That’s awesome! Let’s quickly go into our questions for today. But before that, can we have a recap of your first encounter with God? Because on priscatee.com, we understand that one of the most important relationships on earth is our relationship with God.

Mrs Kenneth: Okay… I was born into a Christian home, my parents served in church and so I was a church kid… Well, I had always been in church, however, there’s always that point of a personal encounter.

(PriscaTee affirms with a nod, “that’s right”.)

So I was 17 going on 18 when I had gave my life to Christ… Prior to that, I was forced to be in the choir and had even left for the university… Then we came home on strike and I had this friend… A guy.. To me honestly, he was just a friend but my parents won’t agree with me and it caused issues… So I stopped being friends with him and then next thing he started behaving strange(like someone who could harm me) and then I was returning to school in a new year and I told God, if He’ll save me and preserve me, I’ll serve Him with my life and then, I officially gave my life to Him.

Mr Kenneth: In my first year as an undergraduate, I started off as a moralist with no genuine salvation experience. But when I came home during the first semester break, I heard Pst Sam Adeyemi was to minister in a Church close to our house then I attended.
As he was closing the service, he said a statement that changed my life forever:

“The grace you have received is not to satisfy your greed but to add value to people’s lives”.

This was the day I got born again – June 1st 2009.

PriscaTee: Such profound experiences and thank you for sharing this with us. Now, let’s dive into our relationship segment. I’m sure my readers can’t wait to read all about it and learn from you two.

But before we do that, a special congratulations to you on the success of your marriage which took place a month and few weeks ago. We celebrate God’s faithfulness in your lives, sir and ma.

The Couple: Thank you so much Priscatee… We appreciate you and we’re grateful to God for His faithfulness.

PriscaTee: This question is for you, Mrs. Can you tell us a little bit about the proposal. Did you like it or should Uncle Ken do better in your next existence here on earth? 😅

Mrs: Lol… The first proposal was in June 2019 when he asked me out officially… Prior to that, we had been talking over the phone and then he spoke up… The official proposal with the ring was 1st February 2020, it was silent… It was beautiful… Well, we had an interview with the church marriage committee that day and after the meeting, we were still in the church auditorium when he brought out the ring… Well I smiled and he said… This is the best place to do this… (Right in Abba’s presence) and he said… I know that I’ve said this before but 😊😍…And then, he slipped in the ring 😊😊 and I gave him a hug… It was beautiful!

I absolutely loved it because it was silent and he was straightforward from the beginning… No guesses on His intentions.. They were clearly spelt out…

PriscaTee: I hope my readers are reading well. The hug was inside the church o, fam. Let’s not go and be hugging inside a room where you know things will go and occur and then you begin thinking with your heart instead of your head. Somebody say “I hear”.

To you, uncle Ken. When was the point you realized that, she was the one for you. Did you hear from God or how did it happen? Just tell us how you got convinced about her.

Mr: When I first met her, I loved her calmness of spirit and her aura. Went on a period of fasting about her as well and got a Scripture Eccl 9:9 “Live joyfully with thy wife whom thou loveth all the days of thy life… ” And so, I journeyed all the way down to Abuja and conveyed my manifesto.

PriscaTee: What a lovely experience and an example of determination.

To both; After the Yeses had been given and you were now courting, was there a time you felt tempted to have sex with each other or maybe a little kiss here and there? Did you ever struggle with or experience that?

Mrs: Yes, there were times we were tempted to share a kiss, but God’s grace was sufficient… Right from the beginning of the relationship, we set boundaries… No kisses… And even though it wasn’t easy, we kept our boundaries.

Mr: Hmmmm… The temptations were real and we acknowledged that it was there. We decided already way before we met not to break our covenant with God. We also took our time to create boundaries which God helped us with.
So yes, the temptation was there.

PriscaTee: I must appreciate and commend you for being transparent. Yet again, we see how important it is to set boundaries as Christian young adults in relationships.

Can you give us an instance where the temptation was so intense?

Mrs: Hmmmmmmmm 🤣… After our introduction, we went to take pre wedding picture and Oh my!
Thank God His help and the rules, they were binding on both of us… We also had this consciousness that a kiss will always lead to more and since we didn’t want more, no kisses.

PriscaTee: Lol! I can only imagine how that must have felt. I bless God for your lives.

In recent times, there seems to be a myth circulating among young adults that you have to test a product before you buy it. Meaning that, before marriage, you need to check whether you and your partner are compatible sexually to avoid stories that touch. Do you agree with this and why?

Mr: That lie is of the devil. A human being is not a product one just picks off the shelf. God expects us to honour him with our bodies just as we honour him with our spirits. They are His’. We are his temples. He expects us to practice sex only in the confines of Marriage where we will discover each other and grow together. Anything outside that is sin… Sin against God and sin against oneself.

Mrs: Absolutely, my love! Because that myth isn’t scriptural o… The word of God says,

Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled, but whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge.(Hebrews 13:4)

There’s no place in the Bible that tell us to “test” before marrying… What if after “testing “, you don’t like the product? Who do you leave it for or as the lady who are you left for? As believers, we walk by faith and not by sight…just believe that Abba will not give you a snake when you ask for fish or give you stone when you ask for bread
Abba still gives good gifts… Trust Him!

PriscaTee: Not only are you a beautiful couple, but the wisdom you possess, odikwa(it’s), too much!

Mrs:By the way, If you want to know anything about your partner and I mean anything then ask them questions… Be open enough to talk about everything including whether they’re functional down there🤣 rather than rest.

PriscaTee: Hahaha! Permit me to add that, when you are asking them that, I mean your partner, do it in an open place because the heat can be too much in an enclosed space and you need some fresh air to cool it off, or what do you say?

(Chorus Laughther)

I’ll like to dive in a little bit more. Now you are married and there is excess liberty for everything, do you think it was worth it waiting to do the do before you said you do?

The Couple: It was indeed worth the wait… No guilt, no wrong feelings, just that inner peace and joy that I didn’t disappoint Abba and I kept myself for this amazing person was enough for me.

PriscaTee: I’m dwelling so much on this phase because many of us have been bottlenecked into believing that a relationship cannot happen without sex. But I believe that orientation is changing now.

The Couple: A relationship can happen without sex, it’s very possible when you depend on God’s grace and set boundaries… Not because church says so but because of your stand with God and in order to enter into the fullness of destiny.

PriscaTee: Someone may be wondering, how do you express your love to your patner without going overboard? Are there limits to these things while in a relationship before marriage?

Mrs: Well, I believe this applies differently to all relationships , but in all your loving, don’t lose your destiny.

Tell them you love them,tell them they’re beautiful/handsome, buy gifts, hang out in open places as much as possible, attend functions, celebrate each other, pat one another on the back, but do everything with the consciousness of your boundaries and the Grace of God will cover you.

Don’t pretend when your feelings are getting to boiling point, let your partner know and if necessary, stay away from each other until you get them under control.

Mr: Just be nice. Be fair and true. Uphold integrity and be there for each other. Hold yourselves up in prayers at all times and speak words over your spouse. Speak to their day. Communicate and communicate and communicate.

PriscaTee: What’s your take on boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? Do you think it’s necessary before going into courtship?

Mrs: Well… If you don’t plan to get married anytime soon, there’s no real need for a relationship. I believe relationships should be entered into with the intention of marriage…
Anything outside courtship is the dating stage where after you’ve perceived or heard from God, you observe this person for compatibility and at this point, it must not be a relationship. You can just be friends… I don’t think it’s necessary.

There are different approaches to this matter… However, to avoid unnecessary temptation and a waste of your time, it’s better that relationships are started with intentions declared and both parties with the help of God working towards those stated intentions.

PriscaTee: Going forward, most people claim God is more interested in your heart than what you do. What’s your take on this?

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