How To Let Go And Let God

Happy New Year, my wonderful family? Una miss me so? Thank you so much for your emails, calls, and messages sent during my absence. Hope you forgive me for my absence? Please let go, please. Most importantly, hope you have been doing great? You can be sure I have*wink*.

2020 is one exceptional year indicating fresh starts, new beginnings, new prospects and plans. But many of us have neglected our plans for the year as we have preoccupied ourselves with opening old boxes from the previous year: grudges, resentments, malice, regrets and emotional distresses. Frankly speaking, to let go and recover from all of these is a tough task especially if one’s mind is fixed on payback/revenge.

Early last year, I opened my boxes of disappointments and one was the box of unnecessary “maybes”, as I reminisced on a relationship I thought would work. My mind was beclouded by my plans that I had soon forgotten about the warning signs God gave me. You know how one often equates “certain dreams” to the devil, never thinking it could be a warning signal. That was the situation. This was when I had to let God handle everything by letting go. Was it long and tough? Oh yes!

For many young adults, there is always a struggle to let go and let God. We are often tempted to equate our energy and wisdom to God’s. It could be our education, career, relationships or business plan. We forget that man’s wisdom is foolishness with God.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness. 1 Cor 3:19

Having established this foundation, how do really let go and let God?

Believe That Your Maker Wants The Best For You

Trust me on this, to let go and let God always has an awesome reward. Knowing fully well that God has a plan that will bring you to an expected end. It may be painful and difficult at first but what’s gold without the fire?

Recongnize The Power Of Surrender

Now that you know and admit that God has the best plan for you which He is ready to execute if only you give Him full access, there is a need for surrender. To surrender means to give up your power to someone, who in this instance is, your Creator.

You no longer take decisions without His “Yes” and not just a nod. Just like a mother does to her child when she doesn’t want him or her collect a gift or treat from her friend. Her child knows that a nod isn’t full approval except she speaks. This might be her way of conveying a silent message to her child. Surrender your will in totality.

Speak To Your Subconcious

“My soul, why are you wearied and troubled? Now that I Know God’s plan, I am convinced about it and trust Him fully.”

Most of the time, we forget that our actions, thoughts, plans, words, belief are controlled by our mind. It is what you garbage in that will garbage out. Read the word of God, good books and confess daily that as you let go, only great things come your way henceforth.

Get On Your Knees

Simply put, pray! Your full allegiance is to God and not human. You might let go and let “man/woman”, but, that is only a pathway to a never ending cycle. Rather than connecting to your Creator who will lead you aright, you’ll keep jumping from one point to the other.

Let go with ease on your knees.

This is the time to get on your knees to ask for direction on the right path to walk through. Stop test running and begin result getting, whether it be in the area of relationships or others. Check out what to pray for here.

Set your affection on the things which bring peace and not crises by, following these steps above to let -ting go and let -ting God. May your eyes be clear to receive the VISION FOR YOUR FUTURE.

Have you been blessed my this article, please leave me a comment in the comment box, I’ll love to hear from you. Have a fruitful week. I love you.

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Glossary: Una miss me so?-Nigerian pidgin meaning did you miss me?


I’m a Jesus Junkie, lovingly loving with common sense ;), a business-minded engineer, a sister, and a daughter who loves worshipping and connecting with my Source, my darling Saviour. Hearing from you is my utmost pleasure. Feel free at anytime to mail me.

    • Joy Ojimaojo

      Dear Priscatee, First of, welcome back and I do miss you, its not late to say Happy New Year!
      Secondly, I have been greatly blessed by this piece. One thing I can take home is “Let go with ease on your knees” Oh! The joy we feel when we pray, knowing that our lovely Father hears and answers us.
      Thank you for putting this up!
      Hope to get more post this year, Sis

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