Dear Uncle -I[The Letters]

Dear Uncle in the Lord,

Aunty wrote to me saying you asked her out a few months ago, revealing your intentions to get married to her but she told you she’s still praying about the right answer because she doesn’t want to opt in and out of the relationship.

Uncle, I’m sure you told her how you felt and what your feelings were towards her, and you feel it should be the same with her, but that’s not how it works, my dear.

Kindly give her some space to pray and ponder on this, because this journey you are about to embark on is a lifetime journey, and you both will need strong and unwavering conviction to be your anchor when the strong winds blow and your boat seems about to capsize. I’m sure you don’t want to be only one holding the fort while she watches on. You’ll want to work together to see that you sail safely.

I hope you now understand that being in the right relationship involves two willing parties, and I’m thankful for you that you are a man of purpose. Never forget the place of prayers while waiting. If she’s doing shakara because of some outward appearances you bear which she seems to be worried about, prayer is the weapon to clear them off her eyes, till she only sees the beautiful qualities that you embody.

Oh! I think I just received a mail from Aunty about you, but you’ll have to be patient to hear all the details!

Till I come your way next time, please remain in God.


I’m a Jesus Junkie, lovingly loving with common sense ;), a business-minded engineer, a sister, and a daughter who loves worshipping and connecting with my Source, my darling Saviour. Hearing from you is my utmost pleasure. Feel free at anytime to mail me.

  1. Oluwabig

    My God, you just too much on point momma, Glory to God for blessing this generation of ours with your inspiration ma…I celebrate you always ma!

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