The Mentor’s Lapse [Episode III]

It was Saturday and Esther had just returned from her official trip to Dubai, she asked Tunde if he would be able to come pick her up from the airport.

In time past, Tunde had always obliged to be her personal chauffeur each time she returned from her trips which was mostly during weekends. He always spent his weekends in Accra because he had to be at the switching centre( a center where the primary server for handling GSM connections is located) every Monday morning.

Esther truly felt humbled by his gesture. She wondered how deep and genuine Tunde’s love was for her and was grateful for his presence in her life.

“Hey Queen, I’m sorry I won’t be able to pick you up. I couldn’t make it to Accra this weekend. I’m at the office presently trying to get this load work off my desk. I really hope you understand. – Tunde.”

That was the first message she read when she put her phone on after the 8hours 5minutes flight via Emirates Airline. They had been chatting previously before the flight took off from Dubai but for safety measures, She had turned it off as instructed by the flight attendant.

“This is unlike Tunde. I hope he’s fine” said Esther to herself as she dragged her hand luggage from the overhead locker.

While she rode in the airport’s taxi, she felt worn out and pondered on whether or not to keep her job as she got tired of the frequent travels. She knew she wouldn’t be able to cope when she got married.

The following Monday, she tendered her resignation letter on her boss’s table. 

“Esther, I saw your resignation letter on my desk this morning. Is everything okay?” asked her boss worriedly.

“Yes boss, everything is fine. It’s just that I don’t like the idea of traveling and it’s been difficult coping because of my upcoming wedding. Thank you for your concern but I’ve made my decision, sir”. Replied Esther emphatically.

“Hmmmn! Esther, we are at a critical stage in sealing a deal with a company from Germany and losing one of my team members is out of the equation. Okay! What if I told you that you will be promoted to the next level where you won’t have to travel on frequent basis except for our annual meetings at our Headquarters in France? ” asked her boss with a warm smile.

“Oh my goodness! I wasn’t expecting this, sir. I will gladly accept your offer.” Replied Esther excitedly.
“Great! I see the hard work you put into this company and I feel you deserve this. Looks like you are stressed from your journey and with preparations for your wedding, it must be very tasking. You can take this week off while I handle the rest.”

“Boss! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Said Esther gratefully.

Esther quickly put a call across to Tunde to relay the good news but his phone was switched off . She called Kwame, Tunde’s friend to ask about him. He promised to call her as soon as he heard from Tunde.

Unknown to Esther, Tunde’s work place was retrenching its workers and he was at the verge of loosing his job. He had been queried for lack of punctuality and inability to get tasks done and this was his last chance to fix everything. He was buried in his work and had to put off his phone. 

It had been three days since she last heard from him. Akosua, her childhood friend who just completed her Master’s program in the UK and returned back to Ghana gave Esther a surprise call. It brought a bit of excitement to her worried heart and she couldn’t have been more grateful for it. Esther then proposed a weekend getaway for the two of them at the Golden Tulip Kumasi City Hotel. It was the perfect chance to see Tunde. She knew something was wrong somewhere but couldn’t place it. As soon as she got off the call from Akosua, Tunde’s call came in. 

“Sweetheart, I’ve been worried sick about you. Are you alright? ” Asked Esther concernedly.

“Yes, love! I’m sorry. I’ve just been busy with work which has been draining me out.” 

“Oh my! Is there anything I can help you do, my hardworking hubby-to-be? “

“Actually, yes! I need you to worry less about me, darling. Replied Tunde soothingly. 

“Request denied, Mr Lover. Do I hear Sandra’s voice at the background?”

“Oh yeah!  She just walked in. Replied Tunde casually. 

“Oh really? Walked in to where, love? Actually, where are you? ” Esther inquired inquisitively. 

“Hey! Calm down. It’s Sandra, not like you don’t know her. I’m at home actually. I guess I have to call you back later. Replied Tunde angrily.

Esther couldn’t believe Tunde’s tone of voice and for a while, she was lost for words. It was the first time he sounded that way. He had forgotten to end the call and she could hear their conversation faintly at the background. 

“Mentu, I don’t like the way things ended the last time o”

“Sandy Sandy, I’ll make it up to you! Oya, smile for me”.

Esther dropped into her cushion like someone who had just lost her balance as her mouth opened in shock.

“Mentu? Sandy? When did they start calling each other that?” Esther wondered perplexingly. 


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