The Mentor’s Lapse [Episode IV]

Esther had barely gotten over the shock she felt after hearing the conversation at the background when a call came in.

“Esther, how are you doing? Heard you returned to the country some weeks ago”

The caller’s number wasn’t registered on her phone but she could decode the tone of voice. It sounded so much like her pastor’s. She knew it was him. 

“Oh Pastor! Good evening sir. I am sorry I haven’t called you all these while. So many activities lined up at work and preparations for my wedding which has got me quite busy.” replied Esther.

“That’s okay. What’s life if we loose grip of the most important things like giving our service to God? My sister, please make time for service in the kingdom.” Her pastor barely waited for her response when he continued, “the local pastor told me you were here for your marriage counseling session on Wednesday. What about Tunde?”

Esther stammered a little whilst giving excuses for Tunde’s absence “S-i-r, he was held up at work. It’s actually been so tight for him of late but we’ll be there together for the next meeting.”

“Alright! I should be at the office by then. You both should see me after your counselling session.”

“Okay pastor. Good bye sir.”

Esther’s one week break from work seemed like a transition into several marathon of events.She didn’t know whether to call Tunde back or simply wait for his call. She later agreed to to do the latter. 

Two days past and still no call from Tunde. Esther called her friend, Akosua to pack her things for their trip to Kumasi. It would be a good avenue to see Tunde, she thought to herself. Although she didn’t want to seem desperate, she couldn’t but help it.

“Girl, I thought it was a weekend trip, why the rush?” inquired Akosua. 

“Looks like you don’t want to go anymore”. Esther retorted. 

“Hehehehe! What’s with you? Why the grouch? Having issues with Mr Lover Boy?”

Esther let out a sigh and managed to respond. “I’m sorry! I think I just need to relax. It’s been one thing after the other. Is it okay if I and my driver come pick you up at 9:00am so we can catch the morning flight to Kumasi?”
“Sure thing, babe. That’s fine. I have to be in Accra before Monday for an interview. So yeah, it’s great we leave early” replied Akosua. 

“Thanks, girl! Be ready to gain more pounds from the fufu we’ll be eating” teased Esther. 

“Not me and you, girl! Is that your plan, to be eating fufu every morning and night? Tell me now , Future Mrs Tunde “

“Hehehehe! I was only pulling your legs, girl. See you tomorrow then.”

The next day, Esther and her driver took off  to Akosua’s parents house to pick her up. While on the way, Tunde’s call came in. He called severally and Esther kept rejecting it. She wasn’t ready to talk to him just yet. She already felt hurt and thought it best not to talk to him whilst in that mood. He had a lot of explanation to do but certainly not on phone. She was about to switch off her phone when it beeped. It was a message from Tunde.

“Queen, a lot has happened this few weeks which has kept me on my toes. I know you might feel I’m making excuses for everything most especially about the last time you called. I came into Accra last night with hopes of meeting you this weekend. I hope you don’t mind. Reserved the Buka Restaurant at Osu for the two of us to discuss over a nice meal. I love you undoubtedly, Esther Asare. Yours forever, Tunde”.

There was something about this message which she found a little aberrant, but she was relieved with the fact that he knew he had a lot of explanation to do.

Esther called Akosua to cancel the trip with her because if there was anything she needed the most, it certainly was to see Tunde, to hear his explanation and clear her doubts.

Somehow, when they met, Tunde convinced Esther that her assumptions about him and Sandra were quite wrong. He explained that while she was away, he helped Sandra out with some of her project work and he wasn’t so comfortable with her calling him “Uncle Mentu” so he told her to simply call him “Mentu”. She queried him for being so careless with Sandra’s visit to his house but he told her Kwame was always home when Sandra came around. He then apologized for being loose about it and promised to caution her. Although Esther noticed a level of awkwardness in Tunde while they discussed, she assumed it was the result of him overworking himself.


It was a day to their wedding which was to take place in Accra and Esther felt on top of the world. She couldn’t believe that she was finally going to marry the love of her life. Sandra had come around to assist Esther in packing but she seemed rather distant. Esther noticed it but couldn’t understand why. She related her concern to Tunde while they got chatting at night and Tunde told her not to worry about it. He suggested that it might be because of her upcoming exams.

Finally, the long awaited day had come. Esther was excited having her close friends and family around who came to share in her joy. Tunde on the other hand was happy but not so excited as Esther. Despite the fact that his family and friends had come from far and wide to witness the occasion, he didn’t really understand the whole fuss. His mom had told him she wasn’t expecting anything short of extravagant like his sisters had had theirs. 
Tunde arrived the church service on time with his best man, seated and waiting for the  bride.

“Church, will you please rise as we welcome the bride while the keyboardist plays a soft interlude.”
Esther looked gracious and beautiful as she walked down the aisle with her dad. Her dad felt emotional with tears running down his cheeks as he handed over his only daughter to Tunde. 

“We are gathered today to witness the wedding ceremony of Tunde Bakare and Esther Asare. If anyone has any reason/reasons why this ceremony should not continue, please indicate with the raise of your hand” said the Pastor. 

The congregation was silent and everyone looked around to see if there was any. The pastor observed a hand raised at the back. 

“Alright, there seems to be a hand behind. Could you please step forward?”

At this point, Esther and Tunde gave each other shocking glances, wondering who it was.

“Who could it be?” whispered Esther as she beckoned Tunde.


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