How To Spice Up Your Relationship Without Sex

Hi there! In a world where most relationships often involves sex, how do we as courting Christians spice up our relationships knowing fully well that although our sexual hormones may scream for satisfaction, we can’t hearken unto it’s call until after I do. How do we then spice it up?

Elements of Spice!

You’ll agree with me that nobody likes a boring relationship. Between partners who are in long distance relationships, operating on different time zones and, partners who are on the same geographical zone but are tired of routines and are looking for new ideas to spice up their relationship, this is your saving grace.

For partners who do not know how to keep the communication line running, it could be tasking and frustrating especially when one one of them is quite reserved about their feelings and emotions. It also gets a little bit awkward when you’ve got nothing to say over the phone and silence isn’t being appreciated by the your significant order.

 Have you read this? It sheds light on team #NSTM and #NK(T)M.

Team right spice!

  I brought up five fun things to do with your spouse both far and near that will help spice it up by keeping your love tank full and pumping.

1.The Love  Language Test

This is one of the most interesting things to do with your partner. This test helps you to understand the love language of your partner which enables you treat him/her better and, it also gives you the answer to the many ‘why’s’ your partner often leaves you asking and worrying about.

You are on your way to spicing up that boring relationship.

Take the love language test with your partner and if far away from one another, send a screenshot of your percentage to him/her. Click here to take the test.

For better understanding of this test, I recommend you read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  Can’t get it? Leave a comment with your Email address and I’ll send it to you.

2. Engage in Interactive Mobile App Games

Interactive games are games that you and your partner don’t just play but in the process, communicate with each other. These games don’t just make you have fun but also test your intellectual capacity. You could choose a topic you have a vast knowledge of and your partner can do so as well. At the end of each tournament, your results will not only keep you on your toes, but will ensure that your knowledge is broadened. This is also a great stress reliever.

Brain-racking games

I recommend QuizUp, Jeopardy and Trivia Crack 2. All can be downloaded from the Google play store.

3. Ask Ten

You may be curious about what this entails. It goes this way: you formulate 10 sensible and thought provoking questions that will matter to you and your spouse in the future. This is not the time to be asking questions like, ‘what is your best color’ and it’s likes.

Important questions only

It is a time to ask questions that bother on faith, convictions, career, goals and dreams. After you both formulate your questions, you exchange with one another and give answers to them. Later on, you take your own questions, answer them yourself and send to your partner. As you both have fun, you also get to know each other better.

4.Love Letter Writing

In the 90’s and early 2000’s when technology wasn’t in full gear, lovers communicated effectively through love letters, faxes and its kind. Although, often delayed in reaching its desired destination, it didn’t rule out the euphoria of anticipation which when delivered brought about a nostalgic feeling of young couple’s love.

Let each word count

The power of written words cannot be overemphasized as it leaves an underlying tone of expressions unraveled. It touches the mind and soul and reaches deep corners of the heart.

Love letters could be written on birthdays, other anniversaries and even as a surprise. For partners far from each other, it could be scanned and sent as an image via social media. Remember, the fun is in the use of your hands, pen and paper.

That relationship will never be boring with these tips!

5: Recite Or Pay

For those in team #NSTM and #NT(K)TM which I highly recommended for anyone in a relationship, this will help strengthen your faith.

You and your partner get to collectively select 5 Chapters of the Bible where you both will individually choose one verse from each and memorize every day. At the end of the week (either on Saturday/Sunday), you can schedule a video call where you take turns in reciting all five while looking at each other in the face.

Build your faith

This will give no room for cheating. If your partner isn’t able to recite all five, you get to make a godly wish on what he/she has to do in other to payback. You could bill him/her on your next lunch date.

After this is done, you both can say a word of prayer for yourselves, each other and your future. A wise man once said,

a couple who prays together stays together.

Do not be among the ignorant. Therefore use this weapon wisely and to your advantage!

Remember, you do not have to go off limits before you can have fun with your partner.

Your relationship matters to God!

Do you have other unique ideas? Do share with me in the comment section  below. I’ll love to hear your thoughts. Have you also been blessed by this article? Do let me know which of the fun things you are eager to try with your partner-present/future.

Till I come your way next time, do remain in God! Muaaah!!

Spice it up with these five tips!!!


I’m a Jesus Junkie, lovingly loving with common sense ;), a business-minded engineer, a sister, and a daughter who loves worshipping and connecting with my Source, my darling Saviour. Hearing from you is my utmost pleasure. Feel free at anytime to mail me.

  1. Goodie

    Thank you so much for this tips, they are very helpful in a relationship ??. I found the love language test interesting too ?.

  2. Miracle. U.

    It’s been a while I heard about love letters… In those days, it strikes a cord and I feel it should be brought back….
    Thanks so much, great and inspiring…
    U have mentioned the main things.
    I celebrate you greatly.
    More grace!!!

  3. Oluwabig

    Wetin I gain if I no read this article?
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips especially the love letter writing tips.
    Kudos & More inspiration momma!

  4. T boy.

    Thanks lady P for the Inspired knowledge shared but looking at the society today that sex, touching and kissing is common and even when agreed not to get involved in them.
    When an individual put all of these points into practice and at a point sex, kissing and touching is setting in, what should be done?

    • PriscaTee

      Hello there! Thank you for taking out time to send in your question.

      At a point where partners begin to indulge in ungodly practices such as those you’ve mentioned, caution should be applied. We do not refrain because our minds tell us to, we refrain because it’s against God’s principle and standard for us as Christians. Benefits of doing so leads to having our consciences void of offence towards God and a continuous shelter under His canopy.

      Note: It might not be easy to refrain but grace abounds to resist. All we need to do is ask.

  5. IamGeorgie

    Awesome write up. I love the ‘recite or pay’ point precisely…

    Looking forward to reading more of these…

    Well-done Maam

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